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10 Januar 2006 @ 15:41
YAY I found my hermit crab!!
I'm going to re-name him SH, short for SuperHermie. Cuz of Sam...HEY SAM!! WOO
He was buried under the dirt in the nice plant he lives in about 2 inches down. I thought he was dead to I put some water on him and revived him I guess. Hallelujah...
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i_be_good_shoesi_be_good_shoes on 11. Januar 2006 20:18 (UTC)
Note from Court
LOL.. someday soon i'll be the first one to comment not under Sam.. i kind of feel connected to him like "hey he's the kid that is always above me".. but really i don't know him .. well hello person that i will never be able to be above on Angies Comments.. Someday someday

Anyways on to another rant.. I'm currently in MUN right now.. doing nothing like normal you know.. my other Journal isn't up anymore *sad face* o'well.

About your Hermit Crab yeah!!!! I'm glad you found him and good job naming i'm pretty proud with your naming skills. Ok I wrote enough.

The End.

--you should call me since i won't be online very much... ---
angieslj on 11. Januar 2006 22:45 (UTC)
Re: Note from ME???
sam is the livejournal master i must say. he most definately is....

of course i'll call idddley all you ALL the time. bet that was confusing. hey, bet you won't get this comment lol! so i'll stop now :):)
i_be_good_shoesi_be_good_shoes on 12. Januar 2006 03:54 (UTC)
Re: Note from ME???
Oh man look i'm commenting.. oh man oh man oh man
(Deleted comment)
i_be_good_shoesi_be_good_shoes on 13. Januar 2006 12:53 (UTC)
Re: Note from Court
OH JEEZE THANKS LOL.. but what fun is that. LOL wow..people who have Conversations through Comments on LJ are super kool, IE us...

Nice to meet you btw

OH HI Angie, since this is on your post.

(Deleted comment)
(Anonym) on 15. Januar 2006 01:18 (UTC)
Re: Note from Court
you guys are awesome lol. we should have a 3 way call OMG that's be amazing....lets' set it up. all the way from georgia to wisconsin. hellz yes
thanks courtnie lol