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14 Januar 2006 @ 19:19
my woooo!!!!! rambling brain  
Ahhh so today I woke up at 10, got messed with by my dad a bit, and went for a run, then off to a four hour *FOUR HOUR!!* music rehearsal. Just like last week. Eric and I got to talking about Winter ball and all of its yearly inside information and I learned that the girls are 'supposed' to ask the guys. Was I the only dashing young lad that didn't know this? Oh I think I just called myself a boy. Lol. A feller. LOL. A cub, a chap, a Laddie OMG A LADDIE! uh... Anyway hahah....the rather intriguing conversation got me to thinking, who would I ask? who in this small world of Pewaukee and all of it's squarish affairs would I even consider asking??? I couldn't think of a young laddie *teeeheee* that stuck out in my mind, which is quite dissappointing seeing as I miss the little butterflies that often would throw up in my stomach.
Well it's a bit sad :( but I will try not to get hung up on it.

Wow it is 2006? amazing.
so how is everyone elses day going?
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i_be_good_shoesi_be_good_shoes on 15. Januar 2006 14:25 (UTC)
OO Look lol I'm first this time what fun :) lol

ANyways, Yeah i know i have no clue who I'm going to bring to Winterball, yeah i'll probaly go..I don't know Pewaukee is small, and lack dateable people i guess idk..

My favorite part is when you called yourself a man. tehe

Anyways, hope your super duper 4 hour of fun music rehearsal lol... I'm of to super duper 3 hours of church lol goodie goodie gum drops.. Anyways Dearie

I'm going to go, talk to you later.

P.S Friday night was a "spcial" night lol.... it was a strange ahe? lol.. yeah..It wasn't normal