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16 Januar 2006 @ 14:55
This is about school.  
It's sad and is our life so READ it. It's about school and all of its insanity.

"Schools indoctrinate that life is by necessity routine, impersonal and boring; that one's best interest is to shut up and conform; that spontaneity, creativity and free thought are to be regarded with suspicion and hostility. Gutlessness and apathy are rewarded while independent initiative is deterred by fear of failure and the prospect of punishment."

"Successful schooling indicates tolerance for monotony and accommodation to the prevailing hierarchies of society."

This makes me angry. I'm glad someone can explain it.
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i_be_good_shoesi_be_good_shoes on 16. Januar 2006 22:09 (UTC)
OH i know.. school also makes me angery inside.. yeah.. idk.. ahh.. idk random comment...