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06 Oktober 2006 @ 22:32
woah october 6th  
So, it's been a pretty eventful/uneventful Friday. I wish I hadn't gone to the movie because the whole thing was akward and difficult to sit though; not because I felt akward really, but because he was so concerned with goddamn other things that I didn't want to be part of. And still don't. I don't like to play games, I like to make things fun! Yay for fun! Sometimes I feel like everyone has a secret plan that they subconciously make out in their mind, and even if they don't act on this plan, the other person still knows they have a secret plan. Even though they have one of their own. See, that's why I think guys and girls are tricky like that. 97% of the time those secret plans will conflict with each other and not match at all!!!! Like today.