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15 Januar 2006 @ 20:43
Today was the concert: approx 2 hrs. with a rehearsal b4 it. Ah it was very boring but the clarinet section is fun. I'm so glad I'm in the clarinet section and not in some stupid section like the violin section or the...oboe section. Wow that is gay beyone belief.

Today we had a discussion about quitting Myso. Both sides make me sad, but mostly I want it to end sooner than it ever will.

I played in the freshmen game and scored 4 goals which was an accomplishment but not at the same time. Competition...mm...accuracy, good.
I had to miss my game and they lost 5 to 2 which really sucks because so far we've had a winning record and this *and all the stories i got from my dad* finally proves the unreliability of any of our forwards to score or accomplish anything during the game. Which we already knew. Gosh that makes me mad.
Aktuelle Stimmung: brrrrr!
danielsjang on 16. Januar 2006 15:34 (UTC)
quiting MYSO?