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15 Februar 2006 @ 17:15
Sammo123321: you know what we should totally do
Sammo123321: is like go to downtown milwaukee right
Sammo123321: and bring a huge ass bucket of chalk
angielubsyou: lol
angielubsyou: ?!
Sammo123321: and just make a huge ass game of hop skotch
Sammo123321: and just hop skotch everywhere
angielubsyou: OMG
angielubsyou: we could
angielubsyou: we totally could
Sammo123321: wouldn't that totally rock

I haven't heard of a better idea in a long time
SAM we're gonna do it, but when???

so tom was like: MISS ME????
angielubsyou: plenty
my ass.
wow no. god hes so annoying and needy and weird and controlling but yet, we're friends. 1 more questionable relationship I subject myself to. So supposedly, you only subject yourself to the hate you harbor for yourself. Makes me think...
i_be_good_shoesi_be_good_shoes on 16. Februar 2006 04:47 (UTC)
Hey I want in on this game of multi pathual hop skotching! Oh man lol

ANyways strange how friendships are, and how often we let people treat us in such away, but still we remain friends..what does that say about our society...

Anyways i'm looking foward to Saturday :)